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Q: Who makes these mats? Where are they made?
A: All mats are made by Lloyd Mats based in California. Performance Auto Mats & Yates Performance are authorized retailers for Lloyd Mats. We are also pretty good at juggling. All mats are custom-made in the United States.

Q: Is it going to take an hour for me to customize my mats?
A: Nope. You'll need a few minutes and access to one finger for mobile/tablets or a mouse-hand for PCs. Once you select the material we'll ask for some basic information about your car, truck, spaceship, or wheelbarrow. After that, the customization begins!

Q: Can I get fabric samples to see which color is best?
A: Sure! Let us know and we will have samples for your requested color, enough to make a patchwork quilt for an unusually large squirrel, shipped in 2-3 business days to your address. Exact matches are not always available, though complimentary colors are.

Q: I accidentally added Hot Pink edging to my mats! Can I change this, or anything else on my order?
A: We happen to like pink, but okay. Let us know what needs to be changed on your order within one business day.

Q: My car was going 88MPH and was struck by 1.21 gigawatts of lightning. I am currently in 1955 & don't need the mats anymore. Can I cancel?
A: Orders can be cancelled within one business day. Weekends and holidays do not count. Please Let us know by then--and give Doc Brown our regards. Orders that need to be cancelled after that time may be returned for a refund.

Q: Do these go on top of my factory mats?
A: The mats are stand alone and should not be placed on top of other mats. This can cause the top set of mats to bunch up under the pedals and cause a safety issue. Being able to brake is a good thing!

Q: Will my mats be just like the factory mats?
A: No. Most factory mats aren't that great. Custom patterns are used for each specific vehicle. Some may be similar, none are made with OEM patterns. Designed to cover as much of the exposed flat area of the vehicle's floor as possible.

Q: Do all of these mats have fastening systems to the floor?
A: Yes! Compatible fasteners come included to anchors installed by the original manufacturer. Older vehicles that did not have fastening systems will have fasteners that bite into the carpet provided at no additional charge.

Q: Can I add custom embroidery?
A: One or two lines of short, written text can be embroidered to mats with a small selection of different fonts. Custom logos, or licensed logos not attributed to the vehicle, are not allowed. Sorry, no Ferrari logos for your Gremlin!

Q: Do you guarantee the mats?
A: Yes! There is at least a 2-year warranty term for all materials. Please refer to each material's page for the length of warranty.

Q: When are these eye catchers going to show up at my door?
A: The handling time for your new super-special mats is four business days. Shipped from sunny California using FedEx Ground or Home Delivery, whichever arrives earliest. Check out the shipping map below. It'll ease your anticipation!

Q: Can I expedite shipping?
A: Yes! Options are available at check-out. Please keep in mind that faster shipping does not speed up the 4-business day production time.

Q: Will I have to sign for delivery?
A: Only orders exceeding $750 in total will require a signature for delivery. That's a lot of mats!

Q: The mats are horrible and bit my dog. Can I return them?
A: Yes, but floss the mat's teeth first. Returns are accepted within thirty days of delivery with the tags attached. Please contact us for return authorization and the shipping address. Do NOT return to sender. A 15% restocking fee is deducted from the refund. (Flossed teeth or not)

Q: Performance Auto Mats is horrible and bit my dog. Can someone else help me?
A: The dog bit us first! Please contact customerservice@lloydmats.com if we are not able to help to your satisfaction.

Q: There's a problem with my mats that I noticed later. Can I have them replaced under warranty?
A: Yes! We will be happy to arrange a solution inside the warranty period. Please Let us know and we will help by contacting Lloyd Mats promptly.

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